A Green Home…for Busy People

For those of us in the greater Los Angeles area, we are more privy to the latest inventions, technology, and services to get in the spirit of going Green. A “Green Home” is a term that’s used more and more frequently these days to describe the use of earth friendly products and methods in our homes. And according to the Green Building Council, a green home is “a high performing home that is energy and water efficient…has good indoor air quality…and uses environmentally sustainable products”.

Now don’t get me wrong… I absolutely love the idea of saving the planet, and I love even more that I can be a part of that, like a green superhero…or something along those lines…
But everyday there seems to be another and yet another way to be greener, which is all very wonderful and all, but because of this, it can feel very overwhelming or even taxing to think about. If you’re like me, and have little to no free time, then tell me if this thought hasn’t crossed your mind, “ok, I buy the recycled paper towels, and I buy organic foods, what else do I realistically have time for?”

After much thought (in between classes, work, house cleaning, and wiping noses) I feel I’ve come up with a busy-person-friendly way to earn a little more of those green friendly points. But before we even go there, let’s try to think of being Green as a gradual process, not a stagnant condition. Since we all have different lifestyles, being a Green Home can mean something a little different for each household. Our main goal is to reduce environmental impact in whatever way you can do for now, its all part of your own process.

Buy a book on natural remedies, house cleaning, green housekeeping, household cleaner alternatives, or green cleaning; they are some of the worst things that a household can contribute to the environment. I use mine for anything from nosebleeds to natural dusting. You’ll be shocked to see how easy some things can be used and how much money you can save on your next visit to the store!

Go online or talk to some friends about what they might do to Green-up their home to get ideas, its good to ask, since your friends will likely have a similar lifestyle. We all love to give advice about something we may know about, and that includes your friends!

With your new knowledge as your guide, go through the house-one room at a time, do as little or as much as possible and pick it up in a day or a week. Start with the bedrooms, since the will have the least to change out. Look for anything you can change out—energy efficient light bulbs, weather stripping, air fresheners and go from there.

Remember to keep your eyes on the Green Home prize and that progress is what’s important!

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