Alert! Cleaning products are Dangerous!

Newsflash: It seems that not even when a slew of people getting severely poisoned by the dangerous gasses, fumes and other pollutants emitted was enough of a shock for some of us (Ahem… myself included) to look into the whole matter of cleaning products and their level of danger… It also seems that most of us have already heard about the woes of mixing Ammonia and bleach or bleach-contained products, but what about other mixtures, or even worse, products that are terrible on their own? Sadly, there are many, many more products and mixtures of those “chemical yuckies” that are equally or even more dangerous for us to worry about! (gulp!)

After digging to see the actual numbers on this whole issue, I found them to be staggering; according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, 2.5 million poisonings are confirmed each year, with a total of around 4 million actual callers! Can anyone say yikes! This just completely blew my mind, I mean; I have a son, and imagine how many of those poisonings are children! Shivers, shivers and more shivers! With of all this info that’s out there, what do we have to weed through, and what do we actually have to learn more about so this doesn’t happen to our families? Another words, at very least I think its probably good to know what is on the Dummies list at the AAPCC, right? So, I found out some basics and mapped it out, so you don’t have to go on the hunt like I did…

Firstly, Bleach mixed with anything is a bad idea for sure, but especially with any acid-like substances like:

Toilet bowl cleaner
Automatic dishwashing products
Oven cleaners
(Mixing Bleach=Big no no!)

Never fear, there are many solutions here! Green Housecleaning products are readily available, and way less money than you would think!

Automatic dishwasher soap is one of the most toxic products we have in the home, try using a natural or green household cleaning alternative. The one I recently found and love is Mrs. Meyers for the automatic Dishwasher soap. They have essential oil scents and make the house smell wonderful! AND (drum roll please…) very, very affordable!

Febreze-type of products are extremely toxic and bad for pets, skin, eyes, and the drains! Keep it away and try a green Fabric freshening alternative: Put 20-30 drops of Lavender into a clean spray bottle, fill the rest up with water and VOILA! Clean and even pleasing to the senses, what more can you ask for? Magical and lovely, Lavender is a natural sanitizer and has a pleasant clean fresh type of smell that can pack a punch against some of the toughest stinky contenders!

If you still think that green housecleaning products are out of your budget, then listen here: Clearance sections in those particular departments will save you cash=o=la! So, my friends, think green and budget friendly as a very possible pair! …Happy Green cleaning day!

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